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15° Never Felt So Good!

Our new 15° Contra Angle offers greater reach, access, visibility and comfort… with the same proven quality and the same price as all our Pivot DPAs.

Experience Pivot’s reliably smooth, surprisingly quiet, runs-like-metal performance with the cup preferred by 4 of 5 hygienists* … while reducing wrist fatigue!

Unlike many latex-free DPAs that injection mold plastic to make their prophy cups, Pivot NL DPA cups are compression molded to feel softer, more elastic, like natural rubber. Better elasticity means our cups reach deeper interproximally and splay into the sulcus easier allowing for a more complete cleaning and polishing.

Hygienists’ tell us our cups stay more concentric too, which means they spin truer, reducing splatter and providing a more predictable polishing edge… not like plastic that often “wobble like a bad tire.”

Best of all our non-latex cups come attached to our “American Made” Pivot Disposable Prophy Angle that’s 100% guaranteed to get through the prophy every time. Choose the disposable prophy angle that fits you best without paying more. Order Pivot NL Disposable Prophy Angles from your favorite dealer today.

* Data available upon request.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What low speed handpieces does the PIVOT disposable prophy angle fit?
Pivot is designed to fit all low-speed, doriot style (straight nose cone) style handpieces that use shaft driven prophy angle connections. You can be confident that Pivot disposable prophy angles will perform well with almost all of the low speed handpieces currently used in U.S. today
Do Pivot disposable prophy angles fit today’s dental hygiene style motors with built-in, non- removable straight attachment/noses like the Midwes®t RDH®?
Pivot disposable prophy angles fit and perform well on all of today’s lightweight, low-speed, hygiene handpieces. This includes the more popular brands like the Midwest RDH, DentalEZ Prophy Star® III, Denticator ProphyPal® as well as many of the cordless electric handpieces on the market.
Will Pivot disposable prophy angles fit a Midwest Tru-Torque®?
Yes, Pivot disposable prophy angles will fit the old Midwest-Tru-Torque which was last manufactured in the mid 70’s and eventually replaced by the popular Midwest® Shorty®.
Why does the PIVOT NL disposable prophy angle cup feel softer and more pliable than other latex-free disposable prophy angles?
PIVOT NL (Non-Latex) disposable prophy angle cups are made using compression molding, a process that involves taking firm strips of natural rubber and extracting the latex protein. This process allows PIVOT NL’S latex-free cup to maintain the handling characteristics of natural rubber. Pivot NL cups are designed to be softer, more elastic and with improved concentricity allowing them to spin truer, reducing splatter and providing a more predictable polishing edge. A recent market research survey showed that by 4 out of 5 dental hygienists preferred Pivot NL disposable prophy angles compared .

In contrast, the majority of manufacturers use injection molding, a process that involves using liquefied plastic and forming it into cup shapes. Plastic is stiffer, less elastic than rubber and can lose its concentricity once it’s splayed into the sulcus or pushed interproximally. This often results in increased splatter, wrist fatigue and “wobbling like a bad tire.”
What speed (rpm’s) is recommended for a prophy procedure using Pivot disposable prophy angles?
While Pivot disposable prophy angles will run smoothly on any 5,000 rpm handpiece, for optimum performance we recommend running it between 1,500 and 3,000 rpms for dental prophylaxis. This speed also reduces paste splatter and heat due to friction making it a more pleasant experience for your patient.
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